Johnson & Johnson Lawsuits

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The manufacturer of almost half of the beauty and personal-care products, Johnson & Johnson, was recently sued for one of its powder products, alleged to cause cancer.

These talc products are used by thousands for their reliability and quality. The suit was backed by more than 4,700 plaintiffs, all across the United States, claiming Johnson & Johnson talc-based products are carcinogenic.

Given these shocking allegations considering the popularity of this brand, here are a couple things to know about product liability claims regarding Johnson & Johnson.

Shall I stop using the J&J labeled products?

Recently, a Californian judge tossed out a $417 million case to a lady who claimed to suffer from ovarian cancer due to her prolong use of J&J baby powder for hygiene purpose. The Los Angeles Superior Court Judge – Maren Nelson – cited lack of evidence on both the consumer and corporation sides. However, the judge settled the request of Johnson & Johnson for a new trial and this again increases the woman’s likelihood to get compensated for her alleged damages.

Nevertheless, this was just one of the cases and not all the cancer-related claims against Johnson & Johnson are found in the corporation’s favor, both in California and across the nation.

In fact, in last August, a resident of California, Eva Echeverria was granted $70 million as compensatory damages and almost $347 million in punitive damages because she claimed that one of the personal-care products manufactured by the corporation resulted in cancer.

The corporation was accused of failing to inform or warn consumers with regard to the cancer risks associated with the use of one of their baby products.

Should you keep using the product even after knowing the associated risk of cancer, or should you sue the corporation?

Many consumers wonder if they should also pursue punitive or compensatory damages through a personal injury claim. Similarly, some of them are confused if they should stop using the products altogether or if they should they simply ignore the cases related to cancer. If you or any of your family members is using theJohnson & Johnson baby products and are wondering about the above-mentioned concerns then your best option is to consult a trusted Los Angeles product liability attorney from The Law Offices of Jacob Emrani.

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