Jacob’s Journal Weekly News Rewind (10/18-10/24)

Jacobโ€™s Journal – Weekly News Rewind (10/18-10/24)

COVID Economy Woes: California Unemployment Claims Rocket Higher

Thursday, October 21 (The Mercury News) โ€“ According to the U.S. Labor Department, 80,700 first-time unemployment claims were filed in California during the week ending October 16, the most in six months (the week ending April 3). The number was up from the 63,100 initial claims filed the week ending October 9. Nationwide, there was a decrease in claims from the previous week, with 290,000 initial unemployment claims filed.

Across the state, jobless claims have been abnormally high during the pandemic. Unemployment claims averaged 44,800 in California (in January and February 2020) before business shutdowns began, making the latest number 80% higher than those weekly totals. Nearly one out of every three unemployment claims in the nation are now in California (or, 31.5% of claims filed in the U.S.), pointing to an ongoing weakness in the state economy.

However, analysts had predicted claims would decrease from September onward, but they have not yet declined to pre-COVID levels. Employment attorney Michael Bernick said small businesses have limited job openings and, where there are openings, few applicants are responding.

Monterey County Participates in Statewide COVID-19 Antibody Study

Thursday, October 21 (KSBW 8) โ€“ A statewide COVID-19 study by CalScope is in its second of three waves in Monterey County, in which residents were randomly selected and invited by mail to participate in. According to public health officials, the study will help see how many people have coronavirus antibodies. Invitations were mailed to 200,000 households in each participating county, including Monterey, El Dorado, Alameda, Kern, and Shasta Counties as well as Los Angeles and San Diego Counties. Participating households will receive an anonymous survey and free-at home test kit to obtain a finger-prick blood sample.

CalScope is conducting the study in conjunction with county health departments and the California Department of Public Health. Enable Biosciences, Exa Health, and Stanford University School of Medicine are also involved.

At Least One Dead from Fatal Crash in West LA

Wednesday, October 20 (CBS Los Angeles) โ€“ The California Highway Patrol amended a statement issued early Wednesday morning, in which it announced a fatality in a car accident at 11500 Nimitz Avenue. The amendment to the statement revealed it was instead a person at a veteranโ€™s home who passed away from natural causes.

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