Weekly News Rewind May 11th to May 15th

Thunderbirds Flyover: Hereโ€™s the Los Angeles Schedule and Flight Path for the Aerial Show Honoring SoCal Frontline Workers

Friday, May 15 (ABC 7) โ€“ The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds have planned to fly over Southern California on Friday to solute health care workers, first responders, military, and other essential personnel. Six F-16-C/D Fighting Falcons are scheduled to fly, starting at around 1:35 p.m., from around Laguna Beach in Orange County across southern parts of Los Angeles County, and loop around towards the Corona area to near Moreno Valley in Riverside County. The flyover is planned to end in the Santa Clarita area after reaching Ventura County at around 3:05 p.m. Similar flyovers have taken place in New York City and New Jersey.

โ€˜Please Slow Down:โ€™ LA Seeing High Number of Fatal Crashes Despite Lockdown

Thursday, May 14 (CBS Los Angeles) โ€“ In a Thursday morning news conference, LAPD Deputy Chief Blake Chow said the number of fatal crashes remains high despite fewer drivers being out during the coronavirus lockdown. Officials are urging drivers to slow down. This year, there have been 86 traffic fatalities in Los Angeles, which is about equal to the same period in 2019. LAPD Commander Marc Reina said 11 of these fatalities were due to speeding and that 58% of victims were pedestrians.

McLaren Sports Car Crashes in Valley Village Kills YouTube Star; Driver from โ€˜Ink Masterโ€™ Arrested

Monday, May 11 (Los Angeles Daily News) โ€“ Daniel Silva, 27, was arrested Monday after allegedly crashing his 2020 McLaren 600LT and attempting to flee the scene. Silva, star of the tattoo-competition show โ€œInk Masterโ€, was driving at the time of the crash, which killed YouTube personality Corey La Barrie, 25. The LAPD said the crash occurred at the northeast corner of Huston Street and Carpenter Avenue in the Valley Village area. Silva is believed to have been speeding when he lost control and has been booked on suspicion of murder.

Settlements Reached in Lawsuits Alleging Manufacturer Contaminated Groundwater in El Cajon

Thursday, May 14 (Fox 5 San Diego) โ€“ Settlements have been reached in two class-action lawsuits related to exposure to contaminated groundwater, soil vapor, and indoor air at three mobile home parks and an elementary school in El Cajon. The lawsuit alleges that Ametek, an aircraft engine parts company, improperly dumped manufacturing process materials, including trichloroethylene. Still requiring final approval from a judge, the settlements would total $2.5 million to go towards medical consultation benefits for class members, and 2.5 million to address the subsurface plume at the former Ametek facility. Anyone who lived at Greenfield Mobile Estates, Starlight Mobile Home Park, and Villa Cajon Mobile Home Estates between January 1, 1963 and April 14, 2020, or anyone owning a mobile home coach as of April 14, and students or staff of Magnolia Elementary School during that time period, could be eligible for benefits.

Tune in Sunday Mornings for a Chance to Win

Friday, May 1 (KTLA 5) โ€“ KTLA 5 has teamed up with the Law Offices of Jacob Emrani to help local communities during the COVID-19 crisis. Jacob is giving a $1,000 American Express gift card to viewers of KTLA 5 Weekend Morning News every Sunday in May. The Sweepstakes is open to U.S. residents at least 18 years of age and who live in KTLAโ€™s viewing area. To enter, one can submit a provided keyword via text message to 515151 or submit the entry form at www.ktla.com/bills. Visit KTLAโ€™s Sweepstakes page for more details.

Newsom Proposes Billions of Dollars in Budget Cuts to Deal with Californiaโ€™s Projected $54B Deficit

Thursday, May 14 (KTLA 5) โ€“ On Thursday, California Governor Gavin Newsom proposed $14 billion in budget cuts due to coronavirus, to help cover a $54.3 billion budget deficit brought on by decreased state revenues. More than half of the budget cuts will impact public schools, which lobbyists say are the largest cuts in public schools in state history. The proposal also includes tax increases, canceled spending, tapping state reserves, and other measures including a 10% pay cut for all state workers. In addition, $750 million in state funding to pay for homeless services will be replaced by federal funds to buy hotels and motels to house the homeless.

Markazi: Lakers Championship Would Deserve A Symbol, but Not an Asterisk

Thursday, May 14 (Yahoo! Sports) โ€“ As the NBA looks to find ways to resume the current season, many of the leagueโ€™s stars donโ€™t support the idea. Charles Barkley expressed concerns over safety, while Shaquille Oโ€™Neal said โ€œJust scrap the seasonโ€ in a USA Today interview, striking a nerve with Lakers fans. Basketball enthusiasts have speculated and disagreed on whether a championship this season would have the same meaning. LeBron James tweeted in support of finishing the season, giving the Lakers a chance of winning a title.

Rise of Imposter Claims for Unemployment

Thursday, May 14 (The National Law Review) โ€“ Imposter claims for unemployment insurance are on the rise, with higher COVID-19 payments serving as an incentive for imposter fraud. A type of identity theft, these claims involve using someone elseโ€™s Social Security number or other personal information to collect unemployment compensation. Employers should report imposter fraud to the local Department of Labor, file a police report, or encourage the employee to file a report with the IRS, FTC, and a credit reporting bureau. Also, they are encouraged to check employment records, payroll records, and other documents, as an affected employee may be unaware of a fraudulent claim.

California Modifies Statewide Stay-At-Home Order as Counties Start Certifying to Open New Businesses

Tuesday, May 12 (CapRadio) โ€“ On Tuesday, Governor Gavin Newsom announced more than a dozen counties can begin Stage 2 reopening. This allows for curbside retail, manufacturing, and childcare for people not working for essential businesses. Malls can open for pick-up only and offices can open for people who canโ€™t work remotely. Butte County and El Dorado County were the first to be certified for local variance, which 27 counties have applied for. Governor Newsom stressed that all counties must continue following the statewide stay-at-home order until approved; he also announced a new executive order that allows pharmacies to do COVID-19 testing.