This Week In The News (06/17-06/21)

Group Demands Recall of Mayor Garcetti Over ‘Failed Leadership’ On LA Homeless Crisis

Wednesday, June 19 (CBS Los Angeles) – In the wake of increased homelessness, many Los Angeles residents are supporting the recall of Mayor Eric Garcetti. Alexandra Datig, leader of the recall effort, announced a formal notice of intention has been filed with the city clerk, citing the mayor’s “failed leadership”. As of Tuesday, 8,000 people signed an online petition in favor of removing Garcetti from office. However, 315,000 official signatures from registered voters are required to certify the recall effort.

Deadly Crash Shuts Down 5 Freeway in Anaheim

Monday, June 17 (CBS Los Angeles) – At just before 9:00 p.m. Monday night, a woman was struck and killed on the 5 Freeway in Anaheim near Euclid. The woman, according to reports, was struck and killed after leaving her vehicle and trying to run across the southbound lanes. The southbound lanes and two northbound lanes on the freeway reopened just before 10:00 p.m. No arrests were made following the crash.

Los Angeles Police Hunt Suspect Over Deadly Father’s Day Hit-and-Run, Release Video

Wednesday, June 19 (The Epoch Times) – Los Angeles authorities have posted a $50,000 reward for help finding a woman, identified as Maritza Joana Lara, 27. The hit-and-run suspect, captured on video leaving the scene of a North Hills accident on June 16, is still at large. Francisco Hernandez Rivas, 48, was killed, and four others critically injured in the accident, in which a white Lexus ran a red light and struck a black SUV. Lara has a prior DUI; according to NBCLA, empty beer cans and possibly a crack pipe were found inside the Lexus.

Pilot Found Dead After Helicopter Crash on Catalina Island, Authorities Say

Tuesday, June 18 (ABC7) – On Tuesday morning, Coast Guard and Los Angeles County sheriff’s personnel located a pilot killed in a helicopter crash on the northwest end of Catalina Island the previous night. The body was discovered 20 hours after the aircraft went missing. According to a spokesperson for the Federal Aviation Administration, the Robinson 444 helicopter was headed toward Avalon after departing from Torrance Municipal Airport.

Gavin Newsom Agrees to Sign California Bill Restricting Vaccine Exemptions

Tuesday, June 18 (The Sacramento Bee) – California Governor Gavin Newsome told reporters on Tuesday he’d support Senate Bill 276, which would restrict medical exemptions for vaccines, following modifications to address parents’ rights. He had previously expressed concerns about government officials making decisions that should be left to patients and their doctors. Newsome worked closely with CA Sen. Richard Pan, D-Sacramento, to create guidelines permitting more exemptions. The amendments also provide parents with additional power to appeal decisions made by officials who might revoke or deny a requested medical exemption.

California Law Will Require Background Checks on Ammunition Purchases

Tuesday, June 18 (WIBC) – Background checks will be required for any Californian who purchases ammunition starting July 1. The new law was approved by voters in 2016, as Proposition 63. A background check will cost $1 for each time a resident makes a purchase. It will look into whether an ammunition buyer is a felon and if the ammo they’re buying matches the gun their registered to own. While ammunition sales are up across the state, gun store owners have expressed concern about how the system will work.

Vape Pen Explosion Shatters Boy’s Jaw, Breaks His Teeth

Wednesday, June 19 (Fox 5 San Diego) – A Nevada teen suffered broken teeth and a shattered jaw after an e-cigarette exploded in his mouth. The 17-year-old male had traveled 250 miles to a pediatric hospital in Utah, where doctors reconstructed his jaw. He received two surgeries over six weeks and will require implants to replace lost teeth. The incident follows numerous reports of burns, and two deaths, due to e-cigarette explosions. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has expressed concern over the growing incidents but has not yet issued recalls.

California Considers Adopting Part of Trump’s Tax Law

Monday, June 17 (CBS News) – California Governor Gavin Newsome is considering a plan that would triple the state’s spending on the earned income tax credit. Paying for the $1.2 billion plan would require adopting part of President Donald Trump’s 2017 tax overhaul, which Democrats in California opposed. The increased spending would make about 1 million more households eligible for the tax credit, if the plan is approved.

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