How to Choose a Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles


In a city as big as Los Angeles, there are many personal injury lawyers and firms. Choosing one takes some work because not only is it important for an attorney to have the right experience, but some are not as credentialed and reputable as it may seem. With the right personal injury attorney, you get the representation you need and someone who will fight for the compensation you deserve. Personal injury law is a highly specialized profession.

The following tips and information will provide insights into how to find the best Los Angeles personal injury attorney for your case.

Determine Your Needs and Criteria

A personal injury lawyer is someone who will advocate for your rights. If you’ve suffered a serious injury due to an automobile accident, make sure they have experience in this area. Or, if the issue is medical malpractice or a slip and fall injury, find an attorney skilled there, as the circumstances and legal factors surrounding such cases differ from those of a car accident or motorcycle accident case. The more your lawyer specializes in a given area, the more likely you are to receive a fair settlement amount.

Research Attorneys in Los Angeles

Personal injury lawyers are not one size fits all. There are different specialties and credentials. Don’t just focus on whether they graduated from an Ivy League school. An experienced lawyer should have the skills to negotiate and represent you no matter where they were educated. Being licensed by the State Bar of California is a requirement for all practicing attorneys.

Specific qualifications can be found via state bar information and reviews. Online ratings for lawyers are not hard to find on sites such as Super Lawyers, Avvo Ratings, or Best Lawyers in America. Peer reviews are useful as well. Personal injury lawyers are keen on promoting the services of peers in their field. These reviews can help you find dedicated lawyers who are committed to high-quality service.

Go to the website of the lawyer or personal injury law firm. It should tell you a lot about the cases they handle and even detail the types of injury compensation they’ve recovered. But a professional-looking website shouldn’t be your only tool. Referrals from other attorneys you know, advice from family and friends, and referrals from attorneys they’ve worked with can yield promising results.

During your search, watch out for lawyers with a lack of reputation, poor client reviews, who sound like they’re guessing, make unrealistic promises before evaluating your case, or don’t provide written fee agreements.

Call Lawyers’ Offices to Learn More

The best way to know if a lawyer can be trusted is to contact them directly. Most personal injury attorneys provide free consultations and case evaluations, which are great opportunities to assess their expertise and determine whether they specialize in your type of case. Bring along pertinent documents such as police records, medical bills, and photographs so there’s as much information as possible.

Having questions prepared is beneficial too. Ask an attorney:

  • What is your experience in personal injury litigation?
  • What are the types of compensation I can receive?
  • How likely is my case to go to trial?
  • Am I responsible for paying case expenses up-front?
  • Approximately how long might my case take to settle?
  • Will you keep me updated every step of the way?

Contact The Law Offices of Jacob Emrani

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