Do I Even Have a Personal Injury Case in the First Place?

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When you get involved in any accident, how do you know if you qualify for a personal injury claim at all?

This checklist can help you figure out if you can get any monetary compensation for the damages.

1.   Was it someone else’s fault?

This involves liability. You will have to prove in court that the other party was careless in their behavior when they caused your injuries, and it was indeed them and not you who caused the injuries. For example, you can prove a hit and run case by showing the license plate number of the person who hit you. Other times it’s not so easy, especially if there was more than one person involved in the events leading to your injuries.

2.   Did you already settle with your or their insurers?

If you haven’t, there’s still time. People often accept offers from an insurance company that make sense at that time but later figure out that their claim is worth far more. That is why you should have professional legal help when you get involved in an accident and the other party offers you compensation. Once you’ve settled there are no grounds for a case.

3.   Did you lose a loved one?

Wrongful deaths can happen at any time. It pays to know that you can file a claim for these losses under a wrongful death claim if someone close to you has died. These are highly-complex claims to settle so you should obtain legal assistance from a Los Angeles personal injury attorney immediately.

4.   Did you suffer financially?

If you had to pay medical bills because of your injuries, you can submit your medical bills and lost wages that happened as a result of the incident which can strengthen your case further. Recovering the money if you did not suffer any injuries may make it more difficult.

5.   Has the statute of limitations expire?

In most cases there are two years before you’re restricted from filing a claim on personal injury due to the statute of limitations. That’s two years from the time that the accident actually occurred, so if you need compensation you need to speak to a lawyer and file a claim right away. It may take time to gather sufficient evidence, so you should get legal help right away after your accident. There are exceptions to this two-year statute time frame but only in rare cases.

6.   Were you injured personally in the first place?

You won’t be able to claim just the damage done to your car if the accident didn’t harm you physically and emotionally. If someone’s pet mauled your pet instead of you, you can’t claim personal injury as pets are treated as your property so you won’t be able to file under personal injury.

There is no substitute for an aggressive Los Angeles personal injury attorney when you are injured by another’s negligence. Call the Law Offices of Jacob Emrani as soon as you can to begin work putting together the strongest claim possible.

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