Definitely Don’t Do These Things After an Accident

Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney

With more than 6 million car accidents happening across the nation each year, automobile accidents are not uncommon and their occurrence increases significantly if a locality is crowded with drivers. In California alone, there are more than 26 million drivers who reach their destinations driving their vehicles on a daily basis. With so many divers on the road, chances that an accident may happen rise.

When an accident occurs, the actions you take have great significance when it comes to any potential injury claim you file.

At such times, there are some things you should avoid doing:


A tragic event can trigger emotions and psychological reactions in a person. If you ever face any traumatic accident, you could lose your emotional stability and start panicking instead of dealing the situation rationally. This can hamper your judgment and your ability to think clearly which will make the situation worse.

Thus it is necessary that no matter how bad the situation is, do not panic and deal with the incident soberly.

Leaving the Scene of the Accident

Fleeing from the scene of an accident is prohibited by California law, even if you believe the accident to have been a minor one. It is mandatory for everyone involved in the accident not to leave the location of the accident, especially if it has resulted in injury or death. The involved people must exchange certain information like their names and addresses with each other and with the authorities.

Penalties are imposed on anyone who leave the scene of accident. The amount of penalty varies according to the case under consideration.

Generally, the punishment includes a fine of up to $10,000.

Apologizing and Admitting Fault

You may think that you should apologize after an accident, even if the accident was clearly not your fault. Being concerned about the other driver is a good thing but choosing the correct words is also very important in such circumstances.

Do not admit fault nor apologize for the accident, because the same words can be used against you when you try to pursue financial compensation later on.

If you have ended up admitting it was your mistake and the other person has filed a lawsuit against you, you should still contact a good Los Angeles personal injury lawyer to help you with the case.

Agreeing not to Involve the Authorities

If the accident did not cause any serious injury, ostensibly at least, you might think that since the matter is seemingly small, there is no need to involve any attorneys, insurance agencies, or the police.

Or it could be that the other driver is trying to persuade you into agreeing to minimize the incident. You should never agree to this. Obtain the other diver’s insurance information, because it the best way to ensure protection of your own rights after the accident.  Do not forget to contact a car accident lawyer who has experience in dealing with vehicle accidents cases in order to ensure that the accident does not lead you to any legal complications and that your rights are protected.

Giving an Oral or Written Statement

The other person’s insurance company will likely attempt to get you to say something on the record or have you sign something pertaining to your accident.  Their only goal is to limit or eliminate any compensation you could recover from them, so you need to decline from giving any kind of statement, especially if you have not spoken with a car accident attorney yet.

Exaggerating Your Injuries

Many insurance agencies are aware that accident victims will often try and overstate their injuries to receive a bigger settlement.  If it is found out that you exaggerated the harm done to you, fraud charges could be brought against you.

Discussing Your Case

You should not be discussing the details of your accident with your friends, family, or co-workers.  You need to tell your doctor about your injuries, but refrain from talking to them about any legalities regarding your case.

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