4 Legal Reasons Why You Need to Ride with a Bike Camera

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While cyclists might enjoy the health benefits that come with riding a bike, they’re often more vulnerable to accidents. Even with safety gear on, accidents involving bicycles can be hard to determine, especially if someone deliberately tried to harm them. It is often the case that due to lack of proper evidence, they have to sit back and watch someone walk away.

Among one of the few things that cyclists can do to safeguard their legal right to recover compensation is to wear a camera when they are out on their bike. This has a number of benefits in the event you are injured in an accident with an automobile.

Necessary in Proving Fault

In any accident, determining fault is necessary to establish who is responsible for compensation and other courses of action for the wronged party. In many cases, cyclists are not the ones at fault but without concrete data, they cannot get the results they need by filing a personal injury suit. With a video account of the accident, they can easily help to determine fault in an accident. In this case, it can help to show that the cyclist was not at fault.

Provides an Accurate Account

A person that is involved in the accident is usually unable to provide an accurate depiction of the event due to the fact that they’re in shock or their memory is spotty when it comes to various details. In such cases, having a video of the accident can work better since it captures everything with ease. Cyclists no longer have to worry about it turning into a case of ‘your word against theirs’ since they have a video of the event which occurred.

Admissible in Court

In many cases, video accounts from the cyclist’s camera are admissible in court and works well as evidence that helps to strengthen the case of bicyclists. Often times, not only does it help to prove the point, it also helps the jury make up their mind regarding the outcome of the case. Moreover, some accidents are more than a simple bump or a fender-bender and with the footage you can show just how severe the accident was as well as the total extent of the damage it caused you.

Video Catches Minute Data

Most cyclists tend to wear the camera on their helmets as it helps the camera be at an angle that catches every detail. These details are the ones that can make or break the case by highlighting just how and where the accident happened as well as other incidents which caused it to happen. In some cases, the camera can even identify the speed gauge on the bike to determine whether they were speeding or not.

In any event, having a camera with you can help a cyclist out as much as having insurance can. Moreover, opt to get something hardy like GoPro which is strong enough to withstand a few bumps with ease. This ensures that you don’t end up losing your data by accidentally destroying your camera in the accident.

Most importantly, reach out to a Los Angeles bicycle accident attorney or Orange County bicycle accident attorney who knows what it takes to win such cases if you are injured in an accident.  The Law Offices of Jacob Emrani has handled countless bicycle accidents and we can work to hold the negligent party accountable for everything they put you through.

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