California Officially Has the Worst Drivers

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A long-held prejudice says that California is home to the worst drivers in America, and a recent study won’t make the state’s motorists looking any better.

As it turns out, traffic-related deaths are up 14% compared to 2015 nation-wide, thanks in large measure to a stronger economy encouraging Americans to get out and drive, and to ever-increasing cellphone and technology use behind the wheel.

According to an online insurance forum QuoteWizard, which creates a yearly list of U.S. states with the worst drivers, in 2017 California made the jump from second to first.  On a more granular level, five of the nation’s ten worst cities for commuters are found in the Golden State, number one on the list being Sacramento, the others being Riverside, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Bakersfield.  Congested highways and intoxicated drivers, particularly in the Los Angeles area, were a major reason behind ranking first in the nation for bad drivers.

Another angle pointed out by QuoteWizard is how drivers compare according to political affiliation.  Their findings indicate that drivers in red states tend to be better than those in blue states.  Of the 20 states with the worst drivers, for instance, a dozen of them lean Democrat; California being among the bluest of blue states.

QuoteWizard utilized data mined from their own site in addition to that obtained from the Federal Highway Administration which focused on the occurrence of accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs, citations, and fatalities.

The study study concluded by noting:

“The dubious honor of having the worst drivers in the country goes to California; its less-than-stellar drivers are somewhat notorious — especially in gridlocked Los Angeles.”

The states that followed California in the rankings were Minnesota, Utah, South Carolina, and Washington, while the State of Rhode Island was considered the one with the best drivers in the country.

What does this mean for the average California motorist?

One way this affects California drivers is having to pay higher car insurance premiums, considering you are virtually hemmed in by poor drivers.  This also means an increased risk of motor vehicle accidents for California residents, particularly in Los Angeles, with the second-highest population in the nation.

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