Bicycle Accidents & Road Hazards

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Even though cars and other vehicles are the major reason behind bicycle accidents and injuries, other hazards are also present on roads that can cause bicycle accidents. In this blog, we will try to shed some light on all those possible road hazards that can cause a bicycle crash or accident.

Sewer Grates

The edges and often sidewalks alongside the road can have sewer grates. These sewer grates don’t pose any significant threat to other vehicles since the width and size of those tires are enough to pass through those grates. Pedestrians are also safe from those sewer gratings because it is very rare that someone’s foot gets stuck in the narrow slits of the gratings.

However, bicycles are at more risk of accidents due to sewer gratings, especially if they run parallel to the flow of the traffic. Narrow bicycle wheels can get stuck in between the bars of the grates. This sudden loss of momentum disturbs the inertia of the bicycle and the bicyclist. As a result, the bicyclist can get thrown from the bicycle into the bustling traffic or onto the ground. Both of these outcomes posse great threat to the safety of bicyclist.

In many cities and counties, the design of sewer grating has been changed to ensure the safety of the bicyclists, but there are many sewer grates out there that can be dangerous for bicycles.  If a bicycle accident happens due to a sewer grate, then the city or county where the accident happens can be held liable for this and they can be obliged to pay compensation.


Potholes range in their sizes and depths and these characteristics make them dangerous for cyclists. During the night, don’t ride your bicycle on poorly lit roads without a headlight on the bicycle: a pothole that is deep enough for bicycle tires can cause the bicyclist to flip over the handlebars. This can result in serious injury, especially if the bicyclist is not wearing a helmet. If the city or county already knew about the pothole, then the affected person can file a liability suit against them.  You may have the same option if the pothole was caused by normal wear and tear to the road or the result of some weather phenomenon like a storm.  However, depending on how long the problem was present, typically if less than a week, it may be difficult to hold some municipality responsible.

Trolley or Railroad Tracks

Trolley tracks and railroad tracks that have been used for a long time can become hazards for bicyclists. Similar to sewer grates, when the railroad or trolley tracks run in the same direction as the traffic, they increase the chances that the tires of the bicycle can get stuck in the gap between the track and the road. If a bicyclist meets an accident due to a trolley or railroad track, then they can sue the respective country or city in the following cases:

  • If the tracks are running in the direction of the traffic and cyclists are allowed to ride their bikes there
  • If the tracks are completely abandoned and they haven’t been removed
  • If tracks are in use and can be dangerous for bicyclists but the authorities don’t provide sufficient warning signs regarding the track.

Knowing these road hazards is important as it allows you to know when you are liable for an accident, and when you’re not the party to blame.

Consult with a Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles

Cities and counties often have attorneys on retainer to combat such challenges as bicycle accidents.  A government entity typically has considerable resources to marshal in their defense, which is why you should never try to take them to court on your own.  You need a highly-skilled bicycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles to in your corner to recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages from work, and even damage to your bicycle.

If you or a loved one were injured while riding a bicycle over a sewer grate or tracks, you may be able to hold the city or county liable for your losses with the help of a bicycle accident attorney in Los Angeles from The Law Offices of Jacob Emrani. We have all the tools and experience needed to recover the financial compensation you deserve.

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