An Increase In Speed Limits In Los Angeles

In December 2018, The Los Angeles City Council agreed to raise speed limits on over 100 miles of local streets. The measure addressed the issue of expired speed limit laws, which prevented police offers from writing speeding tickets to violators. Speed limits that were too low did not allow police to use radar guns or electric devices to track speeding drivers. Nor could they write tickets for drivers exceeding speed limits that were more than seven years old.

Limits had recently expired on over 200 miles of streets in the area. Some of these streets represented the deadliest in terms of pedestrian and bicycle accidents our Los Angeles personal injury attorney is familiar with. Since the change, officers can now write tickets on 97.5% of city streets.

Does the Speed Limit Increase Jeopardize Safety?

Speed is one of the most important factors in traffic accidents. Federal studies have shown that, if struck by a car at 20 miles per hour, a pedestrian has a 90% chance of survival. If struck at 40 miles per hour, they have only a 20% chance of surviving the impact. Higher speed limits help law enforcement target the most dangerous drivers, but residents are skeptical about whether the change will help with safety.

According to the Los Angeles Times, 99.75 miles of roads will have a speed limit increase of five miles per hour. Also, 1.91 miles of roads would have an increase of 10 miles per hour or more. Most of the roads with increased limits (nearly two-thirds) are in the San Fernando Valley, with these streets primarily seeing increases from 40 to 45 mph.

Speed limits increased on Bell Canyon Road in West Hills and Harry Bridges Boulevard in Wilmington. There, legal limits have gone from 35 to 45 mph. Critics of the new law worry about pedestrians, who represent many of the people killed in traffic crashes in Los Angeles. In 2017, 260 people in the city were killed in traffic collisions, a reduction of 6% over 2016 but short of the city’s goals.

Although some see the changes as counter-intuitive, the most recent updates make speed limits enforceable. Lapsing speed limits have been an issue in recent years. The LAPD issued 77% fewer speeding tickets from 2010 to 2017. Other opponents of the plan stress education, responsibility, and awareness as important for protecting the city’s residents.

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