Airbag Recalls & Product Liability Claims

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In 2015, Jewel Brangman most likely knew the risks of driving on the road like any other citizen.

What she didn’t know was that the airbag system of her rented 2001 Honda, designed to offer her protection, was flawed and would be the cause of her untimely death. Her father not only filed a lawsuit against the rental company, but also against Honda and the airbag manufacturing company it used. The rental company did not admit to the airbag liability. On top of that, there was a recall for the same car in July 2009, which the rental company failed to mention.

It’s not Just Honda

Fiat Chrysler has also had to recall their cars whose airbags weren’t deploying and seatbelts were not performing normally. A seatbelt is designed to lock if there’s a sudden jerking motion. Just try pulling your seatbelt with a jerking motion when you fasten it before driving. The seatbelt is supposed to lock to prevent you from going any further than 2 or 3 inches. This is how they protect you in the event of an accident. Without protective measures, these cars were unsafe during accidents and had to be recalled.

This recall had 3 deaths and 5 injuries associated with it. And the issue of recalls due to airbags is common as well. When the manufacturers realize the defect, they can issue a notice to members of the public.

But if you are injured due to faulty airbags in the meantime, there is a course of action that you can follow. You can file a product liability suit against the car and airbag manufacturer like Jewel’s dad did.

Even if a recall is issued, it does not mean you know about safety risks due to the defects in your car. It can scar you emotionally and financially as well because replacement costs and medical bills are typically very high.

Product Liability Injury Claims & Recalls in Los Angeles

Your safety is most important and it’s not right that your claim for injuries goes unnoticed after the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) or the car manufacturer issues a recall. Product liability claims have preset and straightforward criteria. Any defect in manufacture and design as well as a warning malfunction is sufficient grounds for product liability.

In California, you have to prove that the product was dangerous and that it caused your injury. While in some states you have to prove that the manufacturer was lax or careless in the defect, this is not the case in California. You only have to show that the product (airbag) is defective and that it caused you injuries.

You may sue several different parties like Jewel’s dad but not everyone will be subject to this strict liability rule. A Los Angeles personal injury lawyer might be able help you to see who bears the responsibility for your injuries..

Lastly, it is important to remember the statute of limitations when these cases are involved, as they may be your only option to gain some financial and emotional reprieve.

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