5 Tips for Being a Good Passenger on a Motorcycle

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While motorcycle riding is often a much-appreciated escape, there is always the chance that an outing can end disastrously.  With so much less protection for the motorcyclist and their passengers as opposed to those driving passenger vehicles, it behooves anyone about to ride along to ingrain a handful of practical safety tips to keep the motorcycle driver focused and stay safe on the road.

Talking Can Wait

The biggest sin that you can commit as a passenger on a motorcycle is talking with the driver. Whatever you have to say can wait, since nothing is more important than your well-being.

Protect Your Head

Many people who ride along don’t feel the need the wear protective headgear.  The simple fact is that traveling at such speeds puts you in danger in the event of an accident, and wearing a helmet can save your life.

Keep as Still as Possible

Balancing a two wheeler, with an added liability at the back (you), is tricky enough for a driver. The worst thing that you can do is make their job even harder by moving your arms and legs. Place your hands on the grill at the back, or as specified by the driver, and keep your feet static on the on the foot pegs. Do not talk or giggle either. Your entire body vibrates when you do that, even if you don’t realize it.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Keep your eyes on the road instead of daydreaming and thinking that all of the work is for the driver to do, because it’s not. You, too, are responsible for being mindful of any turns, anticipating any sudden brakes, and being aware of acceleration to adjust your body accordingly. Your body is supposed to be static, not your eyes.

Don’t Obstruct the Driver’s Vision

Most bikes don’t have side mirrors.  Leaning on the corners not only makes it tough for the driver to balance but it also hinders their vision—with or without side mirrors—whenever he tries to take a peek at the traffic behind. It’s best to sit in the center, unless instructed otherwise by the driver.

Death and injuries from motorcycle accidents happen, but they are often times caused by the most minute of distractions. Maintaining proper passenger etiquette is, perhaps, the simplest way to prohibit such accidents.

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