10 Ways Insurance Companies Trick People

Advice from a Seasoned Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney

When you’re in an accident, you might feel some comfort at knowing that your insurance will be able to cover the cost of repairs, medical expenses, and potentially more. However, insurance companies aren’t always willing to pay up when the time comes and they can resort to using various tricks to pay you as little as possible.

1.    “Coverage Does Not Apply”

Sometimes, the insurance company might claim that the accident you’re involved in is not covered in the policy. The can claim the accident was the fault of some third party and is therefore not their responsibility.

2.    Spying on Customers

In the event that the payment to be made to you has to be substantial, the insurance company might opt to spy on you. While usually insurers claim they are trying to verify if a person is committing insurance fraud or not; often times, it can be their attempt to find anything which is not in compliance with your policy so that it can allow them to avoid paying you.

3.    Minimization of Injuries

Sometimes, insurance companies will try to bully their customers to downplay the extent of the injuries. Never allow them to offer you such advice, as only a medical professional is qualified to recommend modes of treatment and other medical facilities.

4.    Delayed Actions

Insurance companies also do their best to try and delay payment which could include opting to give you the run around. Each time you call them, you will be put on hold or given some excuse will be used to avoid paying you what you deserve.

5.    Coercing

In any accident, determining fault is paramount, and your insurance company may try to say that the fault was yours. Avoid discussing this aspect or making any comments regarding the accident since they will do their best to pin the fault on you. You can expect to be coerced into such conversations with them, so speak with a qualified injury attorney beforehand.

6.    Asking for Statements

Many insurance companies request that you to provide them with a statement of the incident. Under no circumstances should you opt to do this since it allows them a chance to find loopholes that they can exploit in order to avoid paying you.

7.    Discouraging Use of a Lawyer

Insurance companies might also discourage the use of a lawyer or attorney. Since they are more knowledgeable, insurance companies know that they cannot pull the wool over the eyes as easily as they would over their customers.

8.    Requesting for More Information

Apart from the statement, the insurance company might ask for more information regarding the accident. They might ask leading questions to gather more information. Again, this is a ploy to look for loopholes to avoid paying.

9.    Asking for Medical Records

Insurance company should not be provided with any medical records. They can use these as a buffer, trying to look for clauses in their insurance policy so that they don’t have to pay up for the accident.

10.    Looking for Loopholes

At the end of the day, they will do their best to look for loopholes to avoid paying or to minimize the total amount that they have to payout to the client.

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