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The following are some of the most important bicycle laws in the California Vehicle Code. People who often ride their bicycles in California should know about these important laws to avoid any problems while cycling.

The Same Vehicle Code Applies to Bicyclists

Bicyclists fall under the same obligations of the vehicle code that applies to other motorists. Thus, they have to follow all the traffic rules like any other vehicle.

Bicyclist Must Ride in the Direction of Traffic

A bicyclist must ride in the same direction as traffic and, if needed, they can walk their bicycle on the sidewalk.

Ride on the Right Side of the Road

In normal circumstances where bicyclists ride comparatively slower than the other vehicles, they must take the right side of the road and ride as close to the right edge of the road as possible.

However, there are several instances in which bicyclists can ride in the traffic lane. These instances are:

  • They are riding as fast as other vehicles
  • To pass and overtake another bicyclist
  • When they have to make a left turn
  • When it is necessary to avoid any condition that can endanger the safety of the bicyclist and pedestrians

Always Use Bike Lanes

Bicyclists should always take bike lanes if it is present on the roadway they are traveling, and when leaving the bike lane, it is necessary to give the appropriate signal to other bikes in the bike lane and vehicles on the road to avoid any accident.

Give Way to Pedestrians

Though pedestrians should only cross the roads through marked crosswalks, even if they are not crossing the road from designated points, bicyclists must take care of the safety of any pedestrians on the road.

Wear a Helmet if You are Under 18

People who are under 18 are required to wear an approved helmet during cycling.  Individuals 18 or older are not under the obligation to wear a helmet.

Don’t Cover both Ears

Bicyclists are not allowed to cover both of their ears with headset or to wear ear plugs in both of their ears which can prevent them from hearing traffic or police and ambulance sirens.

Bicycles Should be of the Appropriate Size

Bicycles should be of the size that can be easily handled by bicyclists. Bicyclists must support the bike with an upright position and with one foot on the ground.

Always Stop at Crosswalks

Remember that a bicycle is also considered a vehicle and crosswalks are not for any type of vehicles, but only pedestrians.

At Night, Bicycles Must Have Light and Reflectors

  • A bike must have white light on front that can be seen from a distance of 300 meters for riding at nights.
  • The bicycle should have a red solid reflector or a flashing red light on the rear that can be seen from a distance of 500 meters.
  • If a bicycle doesn’t have front and rear reflective tires, then there must be white or yellow reflector placed on each side, at the front of the center of the bicycle, and a white or red reflector on each side to the rear of the center of the bicycle.

Bicyclists deserve to have their rights protected when they are struck by a vehicle.  Medical costs can be exorbitant in such cases, given that bicyclists have very little protection other than a helmet.  If you or a loved one have been recently injured, call the trusted Orange CountyLos Angeles bicycle accident lawyers from the Law Offices of Jacob Emrani to begin work on recovering the compensation you need.

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