10 Most Common Causes of Car Accidents

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Sadly, hundreds of thousands of drivers will be injured in a car accident this year. Making this statistic even more troubling is that these accidents for the most part are entirely preventable. The following is a list of the most common reasons for car accidents in the hope that you will be aware of other drivers who display such behaviors and that you do them yourself.

Be Vigilant While Behind the Wheel

Car accidents are serious business, and even if you think you are entirely unharmed after being in one, you should still speak with a trained Los Angeles car accident attorney who can discuss your rights and legal options in the aftermath.

The 10 most common causes are:

  1. Reckless driving—this especially relates to speeding, the negligent disregard for posted speed limits.
  2. Mobile phone use—mainly by way of text messaging, this also includes a whole host of other functions and applications used by drivers.
  3. Distracted driving—this is any activity which takes the driver’s focus off the road such as applying makeup, eating, drinking, or even conversing with other passengers.
  4. Driver fatigue—drivers on long hauls can become a danger even before they are fully asleep. Simply being drowsy can be all it takes to cause you to make a mistake.
  5. Drunk driving—being intoxicated can make a person up to nine times more likely to be in an accident.
  6. “Rubber-necking”—this refers to a specific type of distracted driving wherein drivers pay attention to car accidents or other compelling scenes rather than the road ahead of them.
  7. Defective car parts—when components of your vehicle become defective such as the tires, airbags, or seatbelt, the result can be sudden and devastating.
  8. Street defects—if a road is designed improperly somehow, accidents can be common.
  9. Weather conditions—wet and icy conditions on the road pose a threat to drivers as they reduce your car’s contact with the road and make a driver’s own perception of the road to be impaired.
  10. Construction zones—when these areas are not coned-off appropriately, or if construction crews fail to warn oncoming traffic, the chances of an accident dramatically increase.

No matter why you were involved in a car accident, if the other driver or drivers were in any way acting negligently, you deserve to be fairly compensated. The Law Offices of Jacob Emrani has recovered millions of dollars in financial damages. Speak with our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys during a no-cost case evaluation by calling (888) 952-2952.