Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney


Arrested?  Call the Law Offices of Jacob Emrani right away!

If you are being investigated for a crime, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. If you don’t act soon, a conviction can potentially lead to penalties and a future criminal record. Let our experienced team of Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys help you protect yourself and your rights.

Our team will fight for our clients to make sure that they are protected during the entire investigation process. We work diligently to fully investigate all aspects of your case. We will make sure to challenge any evidence obtained outside of the proper protocols, allowing us to provide you with a powerful and effective defense.

The offices of Jacob Emran are extremely proficient in providing you with excellent legal counsel for a wide range of criminal charges including:

  • DUI
  • domestic violence
  • child abuse
  • fraud
  • robbery
  • battery and probation violations

You could face substantial penalties if you are found guilty of whatever you are charged with.  Loss of your driver’s license, assessment of heavy fines, probation, and even jail time could result, even from misdemeanor charges.  You need an assertive Los Angeles criminal defense to contest your charges and work to undermine the prosecution’s case against you in order to protect your freedom.

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