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If you happen to be threatened or inflicted with bodily harm that is intentional, a criminal investigation may proceed if you report the attack to the police right away. The criminal justice system can take many months and even years to hear your case, and even then the result may be unsatisfactory to you. Meanwhile, if the attack seriously injured you, causing you to require medical attention or miss work, you could be feeling severely financially burdened and desperate for help.

Thankfully, you can have the chance to recover financial damages through a separate personal injury claim with the help of a dedicated Los Angeles personal injury attorney from the Law Offices of Jacob Emrani.

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Assault and battery are not to be confused—an assault is an intentional effort by someone to cause you to feel threatened that bodily harm is imminent, whereas battery refers to the carrying out of this threat and striking someone. Whether one or both of these offenses happened to you, go to the police right away so charges can be filed against your assailant. Filing charges is an important first step in recovering financial compensation through an injury claim.

You should then retain a lawyer and discuss significant facts including:

  • If your assailant has any assets
  • If they acted alone
  • If they have any insurance

Compensation can be awarded through the California Victims of Crime Fund, but the process can be complicated, which is why it is critical that you have a seasoned Los Angeles personal injury lawyer by your side from the beginning to advise you and protect your rights.

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Injury claims regarding assault and battery commonly arise from instances where an individual is roughed up by a security guard at a bar, restaurant, or sporting event. Such cases fall under the umbrella of premises liability law.

There is no telling how much training a security guard has received, and if you were injured by one, they deserve to be held accountable for your related expenses.


You need to speak with the Law Offices of Jacob Emrani immediately to determine your eligibility for filing a claim and plotting your best course of action. Don’t wait to begin—learn more about your rights by calling (888) 952-2952 for a free consultation!

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