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Experienced Oxnard Personal Injury Lawyers

Our personal injury attorneys at The Law Offices of Jacob Emrani have extensive experience in helping clients file lawsuits and obtain suitable recoveries. Clients in Oxnard and throughout California trust us to represent them in injury cases whether they sustained a minor or major accident. Insurance companies represent one of the greatest challenges in personal injury cases. Proving negligence is second nature to us, as is negotiating with insurance companies looking to minimize the payout. They may try various tactics to disprove your claim, but we know the game and will prevent them from getting their way.

Our Oxnard personal injury law firm is skilled and resourceful. From finding the right witness across extensive networks of medical professionals to swiftly proceeding with each step to filing a lawsuit, you can depend on fast, dependable service. A wide range of resources is available to expedite an investigation and the discovery process.

Are you concerned about a statute of limitations? No problem. Personal injury attorneys in Oxnard know the deadlines and will get started right away, so any delays won’t interfere with your case. In California, you have two years from the date of your accident, or one year from discovering an injury caused by a prior accident, to file suit. If any exceptions apply, your injury attorney will make sure to take full advantage of them.

The Law Offices of Jacob Emrani has been received a Best Attorneys of America ranking by Rue Ratings, and won the AVVO Client’s Choice Award in 2017. The firm is also ranked in The National Trial Lawyers Top 100. Seen and heard on television and radio, Jacob Emrani is noteworthy for his expertise and settlements that have gone as high as $6 million in some car accident cases.

Personal Injury Accidents We Handle in Oxnard 

From your legal rights to the types of injuries most often associated with common accidents, an Oxnard personal injury attorney knows the options available to help. Even if you need life-long medical care, a proper settlement can cover the costs of treatment and loss of financial resources in your life.

In 2016, there were 1,530 victims of traffic accidents in Oxnard, according to the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS). The OTS recorded 284 speed-related collisions and 149 hit and run accidents. The most common types of accidents seen by Oxnard personal injury lawyers include:

Car Accidents

Auto accidents affect people from all walks of life. Many are unable to cope with the overwhelming debt caused by a loss of income and expensive medical bills. As if the physical and emotional impacts aren’t enough.

An Oxnard personal injury attorney’s job is to determine whether the defendant was at fault and what actions caused the accident. Distracted driving, drunk driving, failure to yield, illegal turns, failing to maintain a vehicle, and speeding are common forms of negligence that puts Oxnard residents in harm’s way. After an accident, it’s important to have a lawyer on your side who can investigate the case, gather evidence quickly, speak to witnesses, and fight for your rights and interests.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are extremely vulnerable to severe injuries. In Southern California’s warm climate and outdoors culture, motorcycle wrecks are all too common. Injuries range from road rash to broken bones, to traumatic brain injuries that can be life-changing if not fatal.

Motorcycle accidents are often caused by speeding, distracted, or otherwise negligent drivers. Making left turns without checking, making unsafe lane changes, and driver fatigue causes accidents too. Sometimes defective parts can cause a rider to lose control, which can pin liability on a manufacturer. Motorcyclists need to adhere to road rules as well, including safety laws regarding helmet use and more, to ensure the most favorable legal outcome.

Truck Accidents 

Most fatalities in motor vehicle-truck accidents are passenger vehicle occupants. An 18-wheeler can weight 20 times or more than a passenger car and take up to 40 percent farther to stop. To top it off, many drivers go for longer than the 11-hour stretches allotted by federal law, and fatigue is a known risk factor in truck crashes.

Truck accident negligence and liability may involve the truck driver, but can include their employer, the owner of the vehicle, or a mechanic who performed service on it. A truck or parts manufacturer, loading company, or a weigh station official may be liable as well, depending on the circumstances. Drivers may be lax in keeping evidence such as black box data, receipts, cell phone records, dashcam footage, and accident reports, so its important to have an attorney investigate the case right away.

Pedestrian Accidents

Far too many pedestrians are hit by cars, buses, trains, motorcycles, rideshare vehicles, and trucks. Distracted driving is a common cause, but an attorney must also consider whether a signal malfunction or inadequate signage at the accident scene contributed to a crash. A pedestrian accident can range from minor bumps and bruises to life-changing spinal cord and brain injuries. Vehicle type and speed are important factors. At 16 miles per hour, the risk of severe injury is 10%, while an impact at 23 miles per hour increase that risk to 25%; at 46 miles per hour, it is 90%, according to the AAA Foundation. Average risk for severe injury also goes up with age.

Burn Injury

Every year, more than 450,000 people in the U.S. are burned. Most burn injuries are caused by kitchen accidents involving stoves, boiling liquids, and faulty appliances. Electrical accidents, automotive crashes, and defective products with flammable materials are common causes as well.

Burns range in severity from first-degree burns of the epidermis to second-degree burns that damage the outer dermis. Third-degree burns destroy the skin, leaving it charred and leather-like and damaging underlying tissues and nerves. Over the long-term, a severe burn can limit mobility, impede sweating, create oversensitivity to stimuli, and lead to amputations.

Brain Injury

Like a spinal cord injury, a traumatic brain injury can cause paralysis, numbness, pain, and weakness. A victim may require assistance with breathing or walking. Bleeding, impacts, and physical injuries to the brain can have physical, psychological, emotional, and behavioral effects that may be temporary or permanent. It can sometimes be difficult to predict the long-term effects of a brain injury or how long it will take to reach maximum recovery. Determining an appropriate settlement amount can therefore be challenging, which is why brain injury cases can take such a long time.

Neck Injury

Injuries to the neck range from soft tissue sprains to broken vertebrae, to herniated discs and spinal cord damage. Even damage to spinal discs and smaller nerves can affect control of the arms, neck, and upper body in general. Whiplash, caused by a hyperextension of the head and neck, often leaves a person with chronic pain for many years. Vehicular accidents represent the most common cause of neck injuries, but slip and fall, premises liability, defective product, and medical malpractice cases can involve the neck as well.


A leg, arm, foot, hand, toe, or finger amputation may occur directly because of an accident or be a medical necessity thereafter. Amputations can be fatal and are always life-changing. Blunt trauma is the most common cause of amputation, according to The American Journal of Surgery. In addition to compensation for immediate care, amputees often require help with long-term physical limitations, prosthetics, and emotional and psychological care. Legal factors may include motor vehicle negligence, heavy machinery, defective products, or medical malpractice.

Wrongful Death

The death of a loved one is a tragic occurrence that affects every aspect their life. You can be compensated for the costs of medical care to save a spouse, partner, parent, or child, as well as emotional trauma, burial or funeral costs, and financial support the decedent would have provided. Loss of benefits and compensation for household services may be included. Oxnard personal injury lawyers will determine the non-economic damages to pursue in wrongful death cases, including loss of companionship.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are often the biggest barrier to compensation. The defendant’s insurance company may try to offer a settlement before you file a lawsuit. Without legal help and advice, there’s no way to ensure this amount is what your case is worth. An insurance company may also try to contact you. Never provide them with information because an adjuster may re-interpret your statements to invalidate your claim.

It’s therefore important to retain a lawyer right away. Your attorney will instruct you how to deal with insurance companies. They’re also someone to refer an adjuster to if they call, so you don’t say anything that could put your case at risk.

Accident Statistics in Oxnard

There were 1,530 fatalities and injuries in Ventura County in 2016; 101 involved pedestrians and 170 involved alcohol. That year, 493 DUI arrests were reported. The fatality/injury rate was up from 2015, when there were 94 reports, and 2014, when 106 individuals were killed or injured in traffic-related accidents. Speed and alcohol remain significant factors in automobile accidents; proving negligence is crucial and where an Oxnard personal injury law firm can best help.

Compensations for Your Injuries

An accident settlement can factor in various types of compensation. Your personal injury attorney may negotiate with an insurance company to include the following:

  • The cost of medical bills
  • The cost of future medical treatment
  • Income lost due to being injured
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Loss of companionship or services provided by the injured/deceased
  • Expenses incurred for home modifications
  • Whether disability, scarring, or loss of function resulted from an injury
  • The cost of vehicle repairs

Contact an Oxnard Personal Injury Attorney 

At the Law Offices of Jacob Emrani, our primary goal is to maximize the compensation you are entitled to. Our Oxnard personal injury lawyers are skilled at negotiating with insurance companies and helping you receive the care you need. Over the years, we have recovered millions of dollars in damages. Representing clients and fighting for the compensation you deserve is what we do, working on a contingency fee basis so you pay nothing unless your case wins. For more information or to set up a free case evaluation at your home or office, call us at 888-952-2952 today!

From the time I retained

From the time I retained Jacob’s law firm they were informative and professional from doctor appointments to updates. I would reccomend Jacob’s law firm to friends and family.

Frances Rivera

nobody ever tells you how

nobody ever tells you how scary getting into an accident can be. thankfully I had the law office of Jacob emrani on my side! Denise and bamba took care of everything! Jacob and his team fought my own insurance because my accident was a hit and run. Jacob fought and fought and my insurance company paid and I’m getting a new car from my settlement! If you get injured, call jacob!

Manuel Jimenez

the best law firm in

the best law firm in Los Angeles!!! Maria Isabel Anaya was such a wonderful lawyer and helped me through the entire process. She was patient and very kind to me, and always answered the phone whenever i needed updates about my case. Jacob and his team for sure had my back every step of the way.

~Jordan S.

Jordan Slaffey

The team at this firm

The team at this firm is truly great. Maria Anaya my case worker, was one of the most helpful people I have ever dealt with. She was always answering my phone calls calling me back with any updates regarding my case and was always very compassionate and empathetic to my situation. The firm really works with you to get the best doctor for your injuries and fights for what you deserve. It’s definitely a 5 star review. This firm I would highly recommend to anyone if they are any car accidents that result in injuries.

Jordan S

In the past year, I

In the past year, I was involved in two personal injury accidents. Auto and Pedestrian. At first I went to different law firm and signed up. After couple weeks in, that law firm rushed me through the process , did nothing and took $7600 of my settlement money and want me to settled under six months. I didn’t follow through and found out Jacob Emrani law firm with more experiences. This firm helped me to settled with larger settlements. Jacob Emrani and his team support me every steps of the way. For those involved in personal injuries, please understand that you must have patience for best results and Jacob and his team is your go to firm. Small law firm can’t do what this team does. Average people without any knowledges of auto accident, insurance carriers, and/or medical experiences are too hastily assumed that everything happens with a snap of a finger or I want it now. Well, it doesn’t. Rome wasn’t built in a day and so as this process. Court case takes even longer. People with negative reviews is because they don’t understand the system and all they do is blames and complaint or fired the firm that working hard for them behind close doors. When you quit and go to another firm, all you do is waste more time, waste more of your settlement reward to another firm in fees and costs. ALl you have to do is be patience and Jacob team will takes care of you. These case managers handles couple of dozen of case everyday and all the time. These attorney work their butts off on the phone and in court fight for you to get each client the best settlement. One case are not with the same result to next case. So when people calls into the office all day long for status, demands for answer, or angry because not moving with the speed the person want does not mean case managers or attorneys ignoring you. Email them, fastest response time. They only moves as fast as insurance carriers, medicals providers, and hospitals. These insurance companies are not just going to cough up money to you just because you got hit. They need time to investigate, this process takes time, case managers only goes as fast as these people move, they fights against these adjusters for you to get the best settlement for your case. So, please be PATIENCE!!! and give them time to work on your case. DON”T QUIT. Don’t go to another firm just because you have no patience and all you do is throw your settlement money away to another attorney and your case literally start from scratch, more time waste. Jacob Emrani, his attorneys, case managers, and the all the staffs are a great team and with tremendous experiences. Put your trust in them and be patience. Final Results. $$$$$$$.

Danniel D.
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